Monday, July 20, 2009

Frankoma Plate with Plums

8" x 10" Acrylic on canvas panel

I ordered some new paints and they came today. I love them! They are M. Graham Acrylic colors. They are so much more saturated and true than the paint I have been using. I really was not expecting to see such a difference. They also have a longer "open" time and blend so smoothly. Anyway, I am hoping it will improve the look of my paintings. Here is a Frankoma Plate with some plums.


  1. I love the reflection of the plate on the plums.

    What kind of paint were you using before?

  2. Thank you! It was the very last thing I added.

    I was using probably the most popular acrylic paint, Liquitex heavy body. They are a nice paints, but the M. Graham just have so much more of a pigment load. The difference was actually shocking to me.

  3. Leslie, this is really beautiful. The color difference between this and the sugar bowl is really noticiable. Is that due to the new paint, or are you steadily improving?

  4. I think part of it is definately the paint. I was able to get a richness of color I couldn't mix with the other paint.